Who are we?

Quick Service & Repair was established in 2023 after bringing together specialists in the field of electrical services and automation with many years of experience. The company has a mission to offer impeccable services in the design, construction and maintenance of complete engineering solutions.

We cover the full range of activities in the field, and the Quick Service & Repair team is made up of proven professionals with numerous completed projects. The headquarters of the company is located in Varna, but we work throughout Bulgaria. Contact us and let's work together!

What do we offer?

• Electrical services, automation and control
• Specialized analysis, defection
• Repair
• Support
• Remote service
• Design activity

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Our Services

Electrical services, automation and control

Quick Service & Repair specializes in professional construction and design, both of electrical installations for industrial machines and plants, as well as in residential construction. We design, build and maintain all types of electrical installations for residential, industrial and public buildings of various purposes, and we also repair and modernize old electrical installations.

We supply and install electrical main and switchboards. Another attractive part of us is repair of microprocessor systems, PLC and others. We create and maintain flawless automation and control systems. We always take into account the individual needs and the specific purpose of the assignment from the client, we invest in precision and professionalism.

Specialized analysis, defection

Have an increased consumption of consumables? Or increased wear and tear? Or maybe a technical problem has just unexpectedly arisen on a given facility? We are on hand to do an on-site inspection, then do a defect inspection to find out the exact cause of the increased wear and tear or breakage.

Quick Service & Repair performs complete technical inspections of facilities and evaluates their condition. Our specialists will provide you with a comprehensive analysis, recommendations and plan for follow-up actions and periodic technical reviews.


We at Quick Service & Repair carry out all kinds of equipment and installation repairs. After an on-site inspection and analysis, we will prepare a comprehensive offer with a detailed breakdown of the activities to be carried out. For us, it is extremely important that the repair is carried out with quality, and our specialists provide a maximum guarantee for their work.


At Quick Service & Repair, we provide standard contracts with customers for the maintenance of a specific facility or site. Contact us to offer you the best conditions on the market. Once you become our customer, you will no longer have to worry about maintenance itself, and we will take care of any need for periodic inspections or service.

Design activity

Do you have an idea for a new project or need advice on one? At Quick Service & Repair, we will give you professional advice, then help you realize the idea itself by designing and preparing the technical documentation. Our experience in the field will save you a lot of time and additional costs.